Friday, 18 April 2014

Y? ME.... By Shribala

Sindhuja’s life was almost finished after the incident of 26/11 attacks of Mumbai. There was nothing left to cheer about; just nightmares were her companion. Her 4 year old engagement got shattered because of a bullet from a person whom she never met before. She then decides to move to Coimbatore to start her life again and leave those nightmares back in Mumbai only. In Coimbatore she meets Dr. Ranjit Rajaratnam. In his humoristic love, she slowly feels alive again. But Ranjit is having a dark past which seldom reflects in his present too.

This is the story of coping up with the past and living the present and falling in love with the future. Shribala’s ‘Y? Me’ is definitely a book to read.

Writing style of Shribala is pretty different and is having both positive and negative aspects of it. Her writing style is deep and sometimes because of the deepness, loses its grip over the storyline. Dialogues are beautifully written and when it comes from Ranjit’s behalf, they are really worth reading.

Characterization is the weak point of the book and another weak point is the cover. The main story is not about the 26/11 and yet the cover screams it.

Overall the book is pretty good and I would like to give it 3/5.  

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