Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Prologue of my college life.............

College life, these words evoke different kind of feeling in different kind of people. Those who have completed this phase of their life says that this was the best period of their life. Those who are like me, who are going to start this period are a bit excited and a bit afraid of what coming forth their lives.
I am also afraid. I am afraid of losing my school friends, I am afraid of losing the grip of parents, I am afraid of my new company of friends.
I am also very excited. Excited to see the giant building of college, excited to be alone for the first time, excited to make friends (specially female).
It was my dream to live in noida. I always wanted that my college should be in noida and my dream come true. I got JSS Noida. Tomorrow I am going to see my college for the first time. Going to summit fees there. I am really really excited about that.
My journey to a new life is starting or can say is started. I don't know the plans of god for me but I can hope that they will be good.