Saturday, 22 March 2014


Rishi Rai a young entrepreneur saw his dream shattering. Everything was stopped for him. His company was shut, his bank balance was zero and he had lost his ideals as well. Soon after, he meets Alex, an American hippie, who gave new meaning to Rishi’s life and makes him learn that life is worth enjoying. Then starts the never ending journey, from the mysterious Malana Valley, the Om beach to the huge Mahakumbh and also Kyra, a beautiful gamer. It’s the story of freedom, journey of life, love, dream, ambition, rivalry and everything that is expected from a bestseller novel.

The story revolves around the life of ‘bitter, impatient, intolerant’ Rishi who wakes up from a nightmare and faces a reflection of his own career in crisis. Frustrated Rishi wants to live a cellular-free life and wanted to be ‘just with himself’. A lot happens in Rishi's life that he had never planned for, that he had never expected it to happen in his life. He meets Alex in a dirt drunkard state and then becomes a close friend thoughtfully by getting impressed with Alex's carefree lifestyle - resembling to hippies' - boozing and roaming - all carelessly. They both start for a long journey - with no predetermined destinations in mind - leaving it to time - wherever it takes them from the Malana Valley to the Om beach and the Mahakumbh. Rishi with no money in hand and in bank - sells his car and starts his journey - to find out some moment of truth of his own self, of his own life.

Then Kyra enters the life of Rishi - in a different style, as a different person, who actually is not what she appeared to him in the beginning. Gradually story intervenes, untangles and opens new pages of his life - filling new colors in each page.

This book is an amazing work of Vishwas Mudagal and contains every bit of the ideas that u expect from a bestselling book, starting from ambition and rivalry to love and life. This book is a must read for all those who are expecting something new and different from the Indian authors.