Thursday, 15 March 2012




Waiting for a bus to Noida at Kale Khan Bus stand sometimes becomes really painful. But we should thank god for making a very good time pass for boys, staring girls. I was busy in enjoying this blessing of god while standing there. I was busy in rating girl’s view. Firstly I saw a girl from back. She was looking great, I rated her 8 out of ten but when she turned that 8 became 5. Then my eyes fall on another girl. She was 9 for me.

This all ended with the arrival of my bus. I picked up my luggage and ran in full speed to fetch a seat in the bus but all ended in vain and all seats got occupied. The bus having the capacity of 50 was filled with 100. There was no space left in between two person standing adjacently. I was struggling to stand properly and in the meanwhile from nowhere came the conductor. I gave him the money and finally got myself settled properly.

In no time I again started to work on the god’s blessing and started my search seat by seat. There was only one girl and she was the one I rated 10. Gorgeous was her look, splendid was her dressing sense and marvellous was her style. My eyes were watching a goddess in that girl. Generally my eyes don’t stare a girl for more than a glimpse but this time my eyes were behaving differently.

She was sitting on a window seat; her hairs were blowing in air as if wind was fighting to touch her. She was feeling uncomfortable with her hairs but wasn’t closing the window.

Suddenly she stood from her seat and started to struggle to make her way out of the bus. Slowly she was coming to my position as I was standing near the gate. After some time she was just near me. Her eyes caught my act of staring her, so I broke the eye contact. Then she passed my position, while doing this her hand touches my leg. Oh, I was in heaven. Then she boarded out of the bus.

I was sad. I don’t know why but this was happening with me for the first time. Is that what people call ‘Love at first sight’? I don’t know?

When I was thinking all that someone shouted in bus “Conductor Saab, stop the bus. Someone has stolen my mobile.” Then another sound came “Oh shit, my purse also gone. Check all the passengers. Stop the bus”. In the meanwhile many passengers shouted and informed about their purses and mobiles. I searched for my purse and even my purse was gone.
Then the checking started. Passenger’s belongings were with nobody. Then I recalled that the only passenger who gone out was that girl. That means that girl was the thief. That means my first “Love” was a ……………………

Monday, 12 March 2012




After a long day of studying some of the most difficult concepts of the toughest exam IITJEE, in the esteem classes of Kota (Rajasthan), I decided to take a walk on the streets of this city. I saw students, banners of latest opening coaches about their plans and their ‘mantras’ to make you successful very simply. They make their banners in so brilliant manner that it feels as if cracking IITJEE is much simpler than making a cup of tea. I saw hostels, so many hostels that sometime it looks like every teenager of the population of 120 crores of this country is going to shift to Kota.

Then I saw a under construction hostel. Road front of that hostel was half blocked by the bricks and half by pits filled with water. I really had to think a lot to cross that messy road without getting my clothes dirty and when I was doing this struggle my eyes fall on a little kid. She was watching me very keenly. She was the daughter of one of the worker working on the hostel. She was sitting just near the pit filled with water and was playing with that. When she saw me watching her, she smiled. That innocent smile touched my heart so deeply that it made me forget everything, that struggle I had with my parents before coming to Kota, the study pressure, the lecture of teachers, the struggle to save my clothes, everything. Unaware of difficulties coming forth in her life, unaware of poverty that she will get in fortune from her parents, she was happy, she was happy in playing with toys that her parents can arrange for her. I waved back to her in return of her magic smile and moved forward in my research.

Next day, same bouncing lectures, same tiredness and then again planning to search the streets. Same site of streets full with students, same banners, same hostels and then the same under construction hostel. My eyes searched a bit and then fought another pair of eyes watching me, as if waiting for me and after that when she recognized me gave that smile for which I was waiting for 24 hours. After that again a wave in return.

That went on for another a week or so. One day I felt that giving just a wave for such a magic is not enough. I planned to buy her a chocolate. Then I moved to shop and stopped. I said to myself to drop the foolish idea and buy patties and have fun. Next day also I thought the same thing and in the same manner dropped the idea to buy Maggie.

Next day when I passed in front of that hostel, there was no one. I was expecting her sitting on the middle of the road waiting for me but she was not there. I asked someone about those workers so I got to know shocking news. She was dead. She got fever which kept on increasing till she died.

I was upset, I was really unhappy to hear the news but I believe fully on god’s plan. May be god doesn’t want her to live the miserable life coming forth for her. May be he have some other plan for her somewhere else where she will get her rebirth and live a happy life. But still I was upset because I could have made her happy for a little while in her short span of life by giving that chocolate. I could be the happy part of her short life. I should have given that chocolate to her and should have said that thank you for your beautiful smile, that innocent and beautiful smile.    

Friday, 9 March 2012


“It hurts to me when I see that there are burdens of life in the hands in which there should be books. It hurts when I see that our country’s future is finding their future in the sacks of garbage. It hurts to see the future of our country, the children of India is sweeping their own as well as our country’s future in someone’s house just to satisfy the needs of their greedy parents who gives birth to these children so that they themselves can lead a lazy life.” This was the diary entry of Raghav.

Raghav, he is a very successful man. He studied in abroad and settled their. He came back to India after 10 years when his parents who were farmers called him as their life’s last stage has come. His parents are ‘down to earth’ type of people. They believe that every person who takes birth comes with a pre written destiny. But Raghav believes that it is our own hard work which can even change the destiny written by almighty.

When Raghav came back to India, he was badly struck to see the children working in homes, dhabas, begging on streets everywhere, they were everywhere collecting their gold from everywhere. The innocence of the face was got washed away in tears. The thing which was most horrible for Raghav was to see that even in his parent’s house the worker was a girl child. Her age was about 14 or 15 years. It is the age of learning, learning our world, knowing the wonders created by man, knowing the nature’s secret but the thing she was going to know was the life after marriage. Yes, she was getting married in such a low age.

It was horrible to come back in India for Raghav. It was frustrating for him to see the backwardness of his country. But what he can do, nothing, he thought. All he did to remove the clouds of frustration from his mind was writing that diary.

One day Raghav was on foot to see his fields where his father worked. Whole area was surrounded with crops ready to be cut. Crops were dancing as if a child is dancing without any fear. No fear of parents, no fear of study, no fear of anybody. There is nobody just the child and a mild music, enjoy the music and keep on dancing. In the corner of the field there were huts in which the farmers lived. Raghav himself once lived there. He was feeling very great by imagining that a child of a farmer is now a big scientist of USA.

He was moving from the fields when he saw a child of about 9 or 10 year old was working in the field with his father. Raghav lost his temper this time. He went to the child and said:
“Beta, do you go to school?”
“No.” he replied and looked to his father.
Now Raghav broke his anger on the farmer:
“Why don’t you send your child to school? Don’t you know the importance of study? Don’t you…………”
In the middle of his bursting the farmer spoke:
“Sahib, why don’t we go to my hut? Let’s talk there.”
Then they all moved to his hut. In the hut there 4 children and a lady who was making food, maybe she was the farmer’s wife.
“Sahib, you were asking me that why I don’t send him school. Because sir I don’t have money. I cannot afford my children to go to school.” Farmer said.
“But our government teaches poor children in free of cost.” Raghav said.
“Sahib, the government is only for rich people, for poor it is only god. Government gave us the facility of free education for our children but forget to give schools, teachers and many other things.”
“I don’t agree with you. Even I was also a child of a farmer, I worked hard and now I am a rich man. So who helped me? Government helped me. Government……………”
Raghav again interrupted by farmer.
“Today’s government can’t even give the food of two times to every poor man and you are saying they will teach my child.” The pain in his voice showed his every emotion. “I also want my child to study, to learn, to become a rich man like you.”
Then Raghav turned to the child he saw in the field and he asked him:
“Beta, what do you want? Do you want to study or work in fields?”
“I will do whatever my papa says.” The innocence in the voice of child forced Raghav to think again.

He came out of the hut of the farmer and again saw the fields. In the fields he saw children running in joy. He thought of his old days, he himself wanted to be a farmer but his father wanted him to study which resulted in his success. But was he happy? Was he happy to study such a lot and going to abroad? No, he would be happier if he could be able to do what he wanted to do. He went back to home and did gardening. He felt so happy that he even haven’t imagined. He once again took his diary and wrote:

“Our India is a combination of two brothers. One is modern, believes in development and other is backward. The backward brother has got paralyzed; he can’t run with the speed of his modern brother so the modern brother has forgotten him. But when the modern brother fells in trouble, he is helped by his paralyzed brother. This means that both the brothers are important because both of them comprise our great country India.”

It is not necessary that every child become doctor, engineer or scientist because we also need gardeners and other professionals. Study to learn not to achieve.

                                                                 -THE END-