Thursday, 31 May 2012



I am Sunny Singh, full name Sunninder Singh and I live in a village of Punjab. I live in a typical villager kind of family, a huge family. This is my bio data. No, not at all, I am not writing my resume here but I thought that it is necessary for you to know who I am.

That day was my birthday. I will tell a bit later that what happened to me on that day but first I should tell you that how we celebrate birthdays in our family. First of all nobody knows that on which day they were born. The only thing we had was estimation that, that one’s birthday falls on that month. Our elders always tell us that on your birthday came flood in our village and on that one’s birthday came earthquake in someone’s village. Sometimes it feels that all the epidemics which fell on our elders were because of us. So the moral of the story is that you yourself have to decide that today is your birthday. Now let’s talk of the party. Our parties menu always remains the same; the birthday boy will get one extra parathas and one more glass of lassi. This is our ‘happy birthday’.

Now, that day’s story. On that day I received a letter from somewhere. This was the first letter in my life on which my name was written so obviously everyone was a bit excited to know what the matter of the letter, especially I. The moment I received the letter, everyone surrounded my room. Some of them trying to peek the letter, especially those who even don’t know to read their name.

After sometime I opened the letter it was written in English so all peeking stopped because no one in our family was familiar of this heritage of British. That was a pretty long letter. I was reading that letter and everyone’s eyes were on my face. I was smiling while reading and with smile everyone’s eyes were getting widen. Everyone was thinking that ‘Munda has gone mad’. After reading it I touched my mother’s feet and said “Biji, I am going to foreign” and after my last word there was a long silence and then a roar, a roar of laughter and joy. Well I got scholarship to study further from Australia. My brothers crushed me in their hands and lifted me on their shoulders. Soon the news traveled all over. My father announced a big party (yes, the same paratha party) and then started the arrival of relatives. Relatives come in big trucks and gets unloaded at our house.

This party ended on the date of my departure. Laughter ended with the tears, everywhere ladies were crying as if I am going for my last journey, as if this is my end, as if I am going to die after this. After all these emotions I found myself on the airport. I was alone there; no one came to see off me because of the money problem (rent problem). This was the first time I came out of that store room, my study room; I will always miss that room. I was happy because all my dedication came out with great results.

Then the announcer announced of my plane’s arrival. The first thing which amazed me in my whole life was the size of the plane. Wow, that was a stunning moment for me. After that I was on my seat, the beautiful air hostess shown me my seat and also helped me to wear the belt. That was the second stunning moment.

The AC was throwing cool air which made me miss the fresh air of early morning of my village. Truly speaking AC’s air was not cooler than that air. Everywhere around me were silent ‘dead’ people, making no noise, it was feeling as if I was taking a tour of a morgue. Well, if you are a person of Punjab then everywhere out of Punjab you will feel silence, because there is no place in the whole universe where people talks louder than Punjab. Now some time later I sensed butterflies in my stomach. The plane was taking off. I closed my eyes stronger, even stronger till the butterflies are gone. Butterflies were gone but now even bigger problem strikes me. I wanted to go to toilet. Someone told me on airport that whenever you want to ask anything on plane, ask to air hostess. Now that was even bigger problem, how can I ask about toilet to a girl?

I hold my shit tighter, tighter and tightest but that was not enough. I was jumping on my chair here and their when an air hostess came to me and said:
“Sir, any problem?”
I wanted to say no, but I said to myself that if not now then never so I asked her about toilet. She shown me the way and I rushed towards toilet. What a relief that was, oh my god. The amount was enormous. I stood up and then again on my seat. I thought that in starting of my new life I am having so much of problems, what would be later?

Wednesday, 16 May 2012



Last night the central park of the city witnessed one more death. Man of about 22 years of age named Rajesh was the victim this time. According to the investigation so far the murderer is that same guy who was behind the 7 more murder of that park because the method of murder was the same, cutting of throat. When we tried to talk to inspector Ranjeet Rathore who is handling this case, we got the expected answer that the investigation is being carried out and the accused will be behind the bars soon.
Mr. Suresh was reading the newspaper on Sunday morning sitting in his balcony.
“Dad, I will be back soon.” His son Varun came out from home in his jogging suit.
“OK son, but remember…………….” He was interrupted by Varun.
“I know dad, I will not go inside the park. OK now bye.”
Varun was jogging outside the park when his eyes fell on a man lying unconscious inside the park. He got scared. Was that man inside, the next victim of park’s murderer? Is he dead or alive? Should I go inside? He dispersed all the questions and jumped the railing of the park. When he reached inside, he realised that the man is alive and was saying something.
Varun was trying hard to listen to him but the voice of the man was very faint. He leaned lower to listen, then a little more near to his mouth. Now Varun ear was just above the man’s mouth.
Suddenly man raised his mouth a bit, Varun got scared.
“Waa….ter….rrr. I need water.” Man demanded.
Varun ran out of the park and brought a bottle of water. When he reached the position of man, he was not there. The Varun sensed that somebody is standing behind him. A sense of fear triggered down his body. He turned around and saw that man standing behind him. He was standing still, no movement at all. Few seconds later a movement occurred, movement of blood. Blood started to flood down his neck. His neck was cut. Then the man fells in Varun’s hands.
He wanted to shout. But the scene was not over yet. Again he felt that somebody is behind him. Again the same sense of fear. Again he turned behind. Then came a movement of hand, hand with a knife which penetrated through Varun’s neck.
Few days later to this incident that murderer got caught by the police. Then Ranjeet Rathore came to interrogate the murderer.
“Name?” Ranjeet was sitting on a chair and in front of him, on the floor was the murderer.
“Vinod.” He was an old man. About 45 years. Had a long white beard, wore big glasses, and had big white hairs coming on his face.
“Why you killed so many people?”
Vinod didn’t answer. Ranjeet slapped him hard.
“I had a daughter. Every morning she used to go to that park. She had a boyfriend also. That boy also came every day there. They used to spend big time there. Then one day, like every day she went to park and then she never returned. Her boyfriend killed her. That bloody fellow killed my daughter.” Old man Vinod started to sob and then continued.
“On the same day when I gave fire to the body of my daughter, I sweared to myself that I will not leave that boy. From that particular day I started killing everyone who came to that park.”
“So for death of one girl, you killed 9 people? Are you insane?” Ranjeet shouted.
“Yes, I killed them and have no regrets.” Vinod also shouted.
Ranjeet stood up and started to walk out of the cell and said.
“I was right. I told Smitha that her father is totally mad. He needs psychiatrist.”
“Smitha, how do you know her name?” Vinod took up by surprise.
Ranjeet returned an evil smile to Vinod while locking Vinod back behind the bars.
Vinod ran in full speed to get a hold of Ranjeet’s neck but failed. Vinod took the bars in hand and shouted badly.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012



I entered in his room, jumped on his bed and kicked him on his leg in an unpleasant way.

“What’s up?” I asked him.

He didn’t answer me; he was busy in texting Aditi, our common classmate. I waited for his reply and kicked one more time. Still no movement, then I snatched his mobile from him.

“Give it back Adesh.” Shivam tried to snatch back. He was frustrated by my behaviour, but who cares. He tried, tried and tried to regain his mobile from me but failed and fell in anger on his bed.

In the meanwhile I read the messages. Then I came to know that the rumours of college that our villager (both belonged to a village of Hathras) classmates, Aditi and Shivam are in love with each other.

“From when?” I asked Shivam while giving back his mobile.

“One year.” Shivam was still in anger.

“Saale, you even didn’t tell me?” Now I was warming. But he chilled me soon with his next statement.

“Ya, so that you can announce it on loud speaker.” I didn’t argued him on this point because I have a bad habit, habit of telling secret to my own girlfriend and she has a bad habit of telling to hers friends. So eventually the top secret told to me get revealed as a circular between the friends.

“So, have you proposed?” I changed the topic.

“No.” now his anger was getting lowered. In course of our talks one more message of hers came and Shivam got himself busy in replying her.

“So, what are u waiting for?” he didn’t replied. He was still busy. I continued.

“You know I had 5 girlfriends. I know, you know. So if you want this girl in your life, I can help you. If you want.” I waited for reply then.

“OK, tell me.” now the anxiety was on his face. He was eager to listen and I was eager to tell. I continued with the plan.

“Call her in college, below the stairs and propose her. Sweet and simple.” I finished. Instantly the anxiety of him lost.

“This bullshit is your idea. You call this master plan.” He started barking on me. 

“If you want her then follow it, otherwise keep sending santa-banta jokes to each other.” I started to leave his room.

“OK, I will do.” He said. A smile came on my face and a sense of tension came on his face.

Next day below the stairs………
Shivam and Aditi were standing below the stairs and I and my girlfriend and some of her friends were standing above the stairs (as I told you about mine and my girlfriend’s bad habit). We were able to hear them but not see them.

“I……. I love you, Aditi.” Shivam was trembling while saying that. Now he was waiting for one of the most important lines to listen in his whole life. The wait was no longer. The reply came.

“Oh, I am sorry Shivam, but I have a boyfriend.” She said and left.

When we heard the reply our laugh burst out. We were laughing aloud. I came in front of Shivam and repeated the lines of Aditi to make his fun. Shivam smiled foolishly after seeing my girlfriend and left to hostel room.

After classes I reached Shivam’s room to console him and make some more fun. The door was closed from inside. I knocked it for a while then Shivam opened the door and fell on his bed again. He was facing opposite to me. I decided to first console him.

“Don’t feel so bad man, another girl will come to your life. Don’t worry everything will be fine my friend.” I tapped on his back.

“But true love happens only once, Adesh.” He rolled back and faced me. He handed me an empty bottle of poison and said “And mine love was true.” 

Those were the Shivam’s last words.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

HERO OF THE DAY..........


I was hiding behind a wall. Enemies were firing from everywhere. Many of my fellow soldiers were already dead and the remaining men were falling in front of my eyes. With each fall I was losing courage. Then came a time where I had to decide whether to go forward and complete the mission given to me by the army to save my fellowmen who were now prisoner of war or to decline the orders and run away. This was the time to decide and I decided.
I regained my courage. I wanted to face my son like a hero not like coward. For me it would be better to die then to run away.
I came forward of that wall, fired furiously and ran towards the enemy. This was the time where all the lessons learnt in army are to be forgotten and believe in you. Believe in what you can do, believe in what you deserve and believe in your destiny.
After killing many of the strangers who are now my enemies because of no purpose, I captured one of the soldiers of other force.
“Where are they?” I was panting heavily while talking.
“Who?” he was panting more heavily than me may be because of fear of death.
“Prisoners of war.”
He directed the way to me. When I was walking with him I realised that from my army only I was left in the scenario. I had to rescue as fast as possible before the reinforcement of enemy’s army and rejoin my force that was waiting outside.
He took me to the stairs which leads underground.
“Down there you will find what you want. Please release me now?” he begged me.
I did what he begged and this was my mistake, big mistake.
I proceeded downwards, slowly and steadily. My gun was ready to fire at any moment. Suddenly I felt a foul smell, smell of dead humans. My heart was pounding heavily. Was the people for whom I did all this were dead? Was my mission failed?
Now I was at the bottom, I searched for my men. Frankly I was searching for their bodies. I had no hope of seeing them alive.
Suddenly someone tightly hold me from behind. I struggled and kicked him between legs. I turned and about to shoot but stopped. His uniform resembles to ours. Oh my god he was one of the fellow army men.
He told me where other POW were and how they were fighting underground and killing the enemies.
I found around 15 of our army men. We, without any plan just hiding and running towards the gate outside of which a helicopter was waiting to rescue us.
When we were very near to the exit gate, I saw the reinforcement coming behind us. It was impossible for us to run before they come. This was the time for the second decision, whether to run or to save my team. I choose the second option. I ordered my fellow men to run towards the helicopter. I was there to face enemies. It was impossible to fight those using bullets; I had to search another option. I opened the pin of every grenade I had and ran towards the enemy. They started firing on me.
The first bullet hit me on right side of my stomach; an image of son playing in field was in front of me. He is running towards me in joy. Then the second bullet on the left leg.
“Dad will you please teach me how to ride the bicycle?” his voice was coming in my ears from nowhere.
Then the third and fourth crossed my head.
“I will teach you, my son. I will……………………..”
 One of the prisoners who were helped to escape by that soldier came to meet the son of that soldier. His son was of around 8 years old. He told him the story of his father and told him how he saved 15 lives on that day.
“He was the hero of the day, son, hero of the day.” He told to the soldier’s son.
“He was not the hero of the day, he was the hero of millennium.” His son started to cry…………………………………..

Saturday, 5 May 2012



“I am on my way………. Yaaaaa, reaching in just half an hour.” I put my cell phone back in my pocket. I knew that using mobile phone while driving is against the law but what to do. You cannot park your car every time when your mobile rings.
People says that husband feels great, have the happiest time when their wives goes to home but for me this situation always proves to be pathetic. I have to rise at 5’ o clock to cook food for myself and for my daughter; then wake her up, give her bath( hey, she’s only 6 years old), dress up her for the school, drop her to the school and then reach the office.
So in this whole process, today I was on the step where I have to drop her to the school. I was already a half hour late and got stuck in traffic.
“Ah…… hope I could just fly off from this traffic.”I started murmuring in frustration.
“Like superman, papa?” my little daughter joined me in my conversation.
“Yes my baby but papa has no such power. Papa can’t fly like your superman.” I started to play with her to remove the tension.
“Papa, but I can call him. He will definitely come for her friend.”
“Baby, I told you earlier that they are just cartoons not the real one but still you talk like this.” I didn’t want my daughter to go deep in fantasies, so I lectured her earlier about the difference of man and cartoon.
My talks made her upset and she remained silent then. In the meanwhile jam cleared and we were on highway.
Suddenly I saw an overloaded truck lost control over it and toppled in the middle of NH. One car going just ahead me slammed hard on the toppled truck. I applied break on that particular moment. I was stunned for a moment then opened the door of my car advised my afraid daughter not to go anywhere and came out to see the effect of accident.
When I reached the site where accident took place many people surrounded the truck and the car. Car had a family in it, one guy with his wife and a 2 or 3 year son, and all were dead. Diver of the truck was alive and was trying to escape the scenario but people caught him. After some time ambulance, police, NHAI and a crane all were there.
I then came back to my daughter, sat inside the car.
“You okay, baby.” I asked her and behaved like everything’s normal.
“Yes, papa I am fine.” She looked fine to me. That’s the beauty of childhood, whatever happens in front of you, you don’t have to worry at all.
I again started the car and forth to our destination. 
“Papa did you see that on road?” she broke the silence between us with a very difficult topic. She was asking about the accident. I was thinking what to say to her about that.
“What, baby?”
“The superman.” Now I was puzzled.
“The superman?” now I was keenly listening to her.
“Truck was lying on the middle of the road, so car was unable to cross the road, so superman came and took three of them to sky.” Now I was a bit afraid. She was speaking a bit strangely.
“Whom? Whom do you see baby?”
“I saw superman came and took uncle, aunty and their baby to sky. They even waved to me. I told you papa superman is my friend. So he came.” This was the first time I felt a sense of fear for my daughter. I know she was telling truth, she never talk fantasies. I didn’t know what to say to her. I remained silent and dropped her to school and I left for my office and life kept on going like that………………..